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N 516 - Eftekhar Shopping Center,, Chahar bagh abbasi Ave,, Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran, Islamic Republic Of
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Isfahan, the cultural capital of ancient Persia is located in west central Iran along both banks of the Zayandeh River. Our city that someday was larger than London and more cosmopolitan than Paris is already fallen victim to neglect. In last few decades, an unfavorable construction and transportation system, nonfeasance on protecting natural resources, wrong consuming attitude and untrained citizens, have cost a lot of damages on the city environments.
Over six million square meter construction every year, without perpending on how much pollution will cause by it. Yet over 600,000 cars ply daily around the city, is a huge number to affirm city’s air pollution, climate change and temperature inversion as causes of environmental condition Isfahan is battling with.
As another example, the Zayandeh River, which used to have significant flow all year long, has currently dried out due to water extraction before reaching the city of Esfahan. And the amount of lead is increasing in water determines a concern for having enough drinkable water for upcoming years.

Therefore, we came together to restore Isfahan’s lost luster. House of Green is a community of new generation designers has been newly created to promote researches, education and productions of green ideas especially for the city of Isfahan and endeavor to protect its environmental health.
We believe our priority is to educate people and make them conscious about the situation we are stuck in, and treating local designers to understand the importance of protecting the environment and learn how to design green by attending our workshops, conferences and events. Besides, as a long-term propose, we have plan to consider new potentials for the city, start researching on the city environmental issues and design new projects in any scale -whether urban scale or making home products to sell- to bring the green ideas into reality.

We believe in imagination and we endeavor to shape a green future and create a green society to protect our local environment while being involved with the most cutting-edge technologies and science of the time.

Marjan Jelvehnejad
Founder and Lab Manager

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