Pars IoCAD
2nd Street, north Kargar, dovom st., Pars university, Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
+989033510684 pars.iocad@gmail.com
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our activities are mostly an attempt to fabricate what we learn and what is the newest methods in the realm of digital fabrication and computational design. We are always open to new ideas and new methods and will be eager to share it with others. Due to experimental aspects of some of our fabrications, we call them DIY (Design/Do It Yourself). Since now beneath projects have done with many interested students.
- Pars university pavilion
- DIY 01 Egg crate
- DIY 02 Folded Panel
- DIY 03 Bended Panel
- FABFEST 2018, Westminster University, Fabrication competition

we also have another part which tries to utilize electronic devices into artworks and architecture details and we call this part Architeronic a combination of Architecture and Electronic.

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printing
  • Laser
Ehsan Ghaderi
Photo 2018 07 16 19 04 24
Vahid Azizi
Photo 2018 08 24 16 01 45
Abouzar Mvahedi

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