Marino Linaje

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I began working with WebApps when I founded MultipleCaracter in 1999. After a couple of years, I thought it was a tedious and repetitive task - when you know how to do it ;-). So, I got an MsC and a PhD in computer science from the University of Extremadura on agile development techniques where I am teaching and researching.

My research focused on Rich Internet Applications mixing Web Engineering, Multimedia and HCI points of view. Using that knowledge, we founded Homeria Open Solutions, a company focused on Model Driven Development of RIAs.

Currently, my research deals with the calm integration of software (i.e., data, processing and visualization) and hardware (embedded systems, smartphones, etc.) around us to improve everyday tasks. These systems include Internet/Web of Things, wearables, Ubiquitous Computing Systems and related. Our main focus nowadays is to accelerate their prototyping and their current time-to-market (applying model-driven development among others).

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