A Fab Lab is a technical prototyping platform for innovation and invention, providing stimulus for local entrepreneurship. A Fab Lab is also a platform for learning and innovation: a place to play, to create, to learn, to mentor, to invent. To be a Fab Lab means connecting to a global community of learners, educators, technologists, researchers, makers and innovators- -a knowledge sharing network that spans 30 countries and 24 time zones. Because all Fab Labs share common tools and processes, the program is building a global network, a distributed laboratory for research and invention. Here in this section you can explore the official list of Fab Labs.

You can read more about Fab Labs on the Fab Foundation website here.

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Anadolu FabLab
Eskişehir tr (+90) 530 549 48 08

Part of the University of Anadolu, the Anadolu Fab Lab is a state-of-the art facility for digital fabrication and rapid prototyping as an extention of Architecture and Design Faculty.

istanbul tr +90 212 296 65 22

ATÖLYE is a transdisciplinary innovation platform and it feeds from transforms of the process, designs the transformation, and produces the design.

Collaboration Space
Istanbul, Turkey tr 00902164839191

Collaboration Space is designed for innovative and collaborative hands-on learning experience to get creative with DIY projects and share ideas.

Fablab Istanbul
Istanbul, Fatih tr

Fablab Istanbul (Fablabist) focuses on creative industries and urban technologies. Fablabist is located on the shores of the Golden Horn in an area of Istanbul particularly rich in history.

FabLab Odemis
Izmir tr +902325457378

Turkey's newest FabLab in the Aegean town of Odemis, Izmir

Esenyurt, Istanbul tr 0090-553-8930185

Providing creative environment for Arabic speaking refugees in Istanbul. We hope we can provide necessary means for them to be part of the maker community.

Inno FabLab
Istanbul, Turkey tr +902122455045

Innofablab is a mobile fablab which travels from city to city in 3 x 40ft shipping containers. It has been active since 2015 and has already been to 5 cities in Turkey.

Işık Fab Lab
Istanbul, Şile tr

Işık Fab Lab is an open fab lab which is located in Işık University Şile Campus.

Maker Atölye
Istanbul, Levent tr 0552 205 8125

Turkey's first maker of labs / spaces where every age person can create his own products in a free way. Istanbul MakerLab has many different discipline trainers from engineer to designers.

Istanbul, Çekmeköy tr ++902165649000

Believing that technology is for everyone, Openfab endeavors to teach individuals and organizations how applications, tools and devices work, and demonstrate how they can be produced by everyone.