1Bacteria Fab Lab
Quito, Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador, Ecuador ec +00593 - 26025383

we specialize in the design and manufacture of prototypes and we also specialize in developing technology for social use

Fab Lab Ecuador
Quito, Pichincha ec +593 26025383

Fab Lab Ecuador is the first Red of digital fabrication laboratories in Ecuador founded in 2015 to revolutionize the concept of construction and design in Ecuador

FabLab Yachay
Urcuqui, Imbabura ec +593 23949100 ext 1852

Fab Lab Yachay - As part as the knowledge city

Fab Lab ZOI
Quito, Pichincha ec +593 987990170

We are an independent Fab Lab located in Quito since 2013 compromised with human expression and developing. We have two spaces with 150 m2 and access to all digital fabrication machines that you need.

Quito, Pichincha ec (593) 298-5600

We are an independent FabLab supported by Fab Lat Network focused in the sustainability of design and manufacturing. Our goal is to develop efficient solutions for the society, industry and academy.