Digital Crafts
贵阳, Guizhou, China cn +86-18111991219

Digital Craft has the core idea of "design, make and share". Our vision is to promote and practice the democratization of fabrication.

Fab1αß 新Fab - XinFab
Shanghai , Shanghai cn +8618616251498

XinFab is the first independent official Fab Lab in China giving open access to all community. Built next to the first hackerspace in China, XINCHEJIAN. Run by volunteers

Fablab 2188 Maker Space
Shenzhen, Guangdong cn +86 755 89226685

2188 Maker Space is a maker space supported by the and the actual training syste Institute, in order to use advantages of the institute's educational resources and alumni resources.

Fablab Amaker
Nanjing, JiangShu cn 18951739988

Our goal is to help and promote more and more FAB Labs establishment and growth in China.

Fablab Chengdu
Chengdu, Sichuan cn

A fablab for everyone in Chengdu.

Fab Lab FBI
Taicang, Jiangsu cn +86-1380-9036-278

FabLab FBI was established in 2014 and is located in Taicang in China. Our purpose is to build the lifestyles of culture and sustainability by Fablab concept.

FabLab Gezhi
Shanghai, China cn

FabLab Gezhi is the first FabLab built in China. It is located inside the Gezhi High School in Shanghai.

Fablab O - Shanghai “数制”工坊-上海站
Shanghai, China cn 86-150-0015-3586

Fablab O - Shanghai is the first built and actively run fablab in China. It is based on Tongji University, determined to lead new approaches in the field of education, community and business.

Fablab O - Shenzhen “数制”工坊-深圳站
Shenzhen , China cn 86-18621284185

Fablab O - Shenzhen is a communicating point where design meets the manufacturing industry.

Fablab O - Suzhou “数制”工坊-苏州站
suzhou, jiangsu cn

Fablab O - Suzhou opening ceremony is on 18th August, 2015

Fablab Shenzhen - Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab
Shenzhen, Guangdong cn +86 15814097397

Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab is initiated by Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association and supported by the Shenzhen government to develop solutions to connect the massive production ecosystem

Fablab Wuhan
Wuhan, Hubei cn +86 02787180660

Fablab Wuhan is an open and collaborative workshop space to supports students from HUST, creative individuals and small businesses.

Fab Lab XH
Dongguan, Guangdong China cn +86-20-87065915, +86-18002798362

Xinhua College adheres to implement the Fab Lab concept of development, based in Guangdong, facing the country, the world, strive to cultivate a solid foundation for the community of HQ expertise.

Fablab XI’AN
Xi'an, Shaanxi cn 029-88853688

Fablab Xi’an is located in southwest conner of Bianjiacun Cross Xi’an, the mid-core zone of 3 famous universities—Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xidian University&Northwest University.

Litchee Lab
Shenzhen, Guangdong cn 0755-26402095

Segmaker Space
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China cn +86 75583687722

Segmaker Space has injected significant amounts of capitaland resources to build the best maker ecosystem within the SEG group. Segmaker Space is located on the 11th – 13th floors of the SEG Plaza, a