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Our team was formed by Rwanda’s member diaspora in China. As young engineers and scientist amongst us we, formulated ZEOLF to be the core foundation of technology in Rwanda but mainly focusing on challenges the country and different communities around the globe face and come up with a solution.

During the moment of 2015 climate change was the main topic that awakened governments and states to take this challenge so serious. Even thought there are still debate to what is causing the climate change including natural phenomena, nevertheless carbon emission that is clouding the earth atmosphere and trap the heat in spherical earth like cloud also accelerates the pace of global warming which also sets the unpredictable changes such as high heat or extreme negative temperature to most winter experiencing areas.

In order to achieve the impossible ZEOLF started to examine the possible workable solutions that as Rwanda would need depending on resources available and that could be more efficient. Today there’s a hype of solar cell to become the ultimate solution even as researchers, we already know the best solar cell of between 28-32% efficiency is extremely expensive compare to China’s manufactured solar cells which could be at 15-18% efficiency or in between of the best. Our solution to combine the use of both solar cells and Hydrogen fuel cell for rural electrification.

Our design which will be unveiled next year 2020 shall feature the key technological achievements that provides in between 50-60% fuel cell efficiency and drop of 40% efficient to overall use. This technology shall be explained to how and where it will help in rural electrifications.

In part of the project we are also going to show the use of fuel cell in future for ultimate solution for smart city solutions in terms of energy connectivity, renewability and cleanliness. In actual uniqueness we are developing the new way of energy considerations for countries that could be the alternative in overall initiative to transform from fossil fuel to renewable energy.

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  • 3D-Drucken
  • CNC-Fräsen
  • Leiterplattenherstellung
  • Schneideplotten
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