Segmaker Space
12F, Seg Square, Hua Qiang Bei, Futian District, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518031, China
+86 75583687722
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Segmaker Space is located in the R & D, manufacturing and business base of intelligent hardware products, and provides multi-dimensional and multi-level business services including co-working space, platform support, technical assistance, training talents, capital and more.
In HuaQiangBei, which has 800K people pass through it on average daily, Segmaker Space maintains a quiet focused environment in a noisy active neighborhood to create a paradise which gathers creativity and innovation for global makers. Seg class, business cafe, hall for road shows, and other core areas are connected by an air garden, providing for an elegant, healthy, and productive working environment. In the floors below, is the world’s largest electronic trading market, and is the essence of the complete industry chain.
In order to help makers quickly turn an idea into reality, our Fabrication Laboratory (Fablab)is an important part of Segmaker Space. The Fablabhouses many kinds of digital processing equipment and electronic tools, such as a CNC engraving machine cutting system, GCC laser cutting machine, 3D printers, precision milling machine, engraving machine, 3D scanning instrument, oscilloscope, placement machine and more.
Fablab has a dedicated elevator, which gives direct access to the SEG electronics market, the world's largest electronic trading market. Makers can quickly purchase a variety of electronic components they may require, and can complete fitting, test and rapid prototyping. If you need to initiate a user experience meeting or an investormeeting, there is also multimedia roadshow hall available for appointment next to the Fablab.
To help makers and entrepreneurs solve problems of product development, marketing, management, and other aspects, we have employed experts in many fields from design, R & D, marketing, supply chain management and other fields. Every weekend we invite experts in a variety of fields to give lectures or salons. Usually there is no restriction on topic of the lecture, and may be in the area of software and/or hardware technologies, trend analysis, business model review / discussion, amongst others. The salonmay also include sharing of professional knowledge and skills.
"As hardware makers, it is a very enjoyable to come to HuaQiangBei and enter Segmaker Space." Shi Wei, as the maker representative who entered Segmaker Space, said "because the hardware ecosystem is here and is unique amongst others globally, if we want develop innovative hardware solutions, we require lots of various electronic components and tools. What other location but here. Just go downstairs, buy them here and now and start implementing. So, from this perspective: this really is the heaven of the hardware business."

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printing
  • Circuit production
  • Laser
Vicky Xie
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