QBIC Fab Lab

[Fab Lab]
New Industrial Area, Ar-Rayyan, Ar-Rayyan, Ar-Rayyan, 40816, Qatar
+974 55099581

Our collaborative space allows and inspires people and entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into new prototypes, products and businesses by giving them access to a range of advanced digital manufacturing technologies and methodologies such as: laser cutters, 3D printers, 3D scanners, CNC routers and electronics.

Our Mission
To support, promote and accelerate ideas into products, which allow the development of high-value local entrepreneurships and businesses.

Our Vision
To be referenced internationally as one of the best centers in digital fabrication in the Middle East, for managing, developing and promoting social innovation processes through digital manufacturing and open knowledge.

Nayef Al-Ibrahim
Founding Partner & CEO of ibTECHar
Robert Garita
Fab Lab Manager
+97455726519 / +50688356279
Moustafa Raslan
Fab Lab Engineer
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Shoroq AlAnani
Fab Intern (Architect)
+974 55209703
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Tasneem Hussain
Fab Intern (Electrical Engineer)
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Ghassan Yusuf
Technical Guru
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Rania Zarandah
Fab Intern (Electrical Engineer)

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