Fablab SZPolytechnic
深圳职业技术学院, 深圳市, 518055, China
+86-755-2601 9770 wangchengcheng@szpt.edu.cn
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Our fablab szpolytechnic was established in 2016. It is around 360 square meters and it is composed of exhibition center, tools sharing area, equipment usage area and discussion area.There are a wide variety of 3D printing machines as well as lase cutting machines. Moreover, there are several unmanned aerial vehicles and intelligent manufacturing robot unit. It is worth mentioning that our fablab selects more than 20-30 maker programs from our students each semester and we will subsidize these programs , and then some excellent maker programs will be continuously optimized in order to promote these programs into the real market. We welcome all the cooperation from different fablabs worldwide

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printing
  • Laser
Cheng Cheng Wang
Lab officer
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