FabLab Ciudad de México

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Universidad Anáhuac México Norte, Av. Universidad Anáhuac # 46, Lomas Anáhuac, Huixquilucan, Estado de México, Mexico City, Estado de México, 52786, Mexico
: +52 (55) 5627 0210 ext 8326

The Fab Lab Mexico City has become one of the centers that is part of the Fab Labs network, in order to take advantage of the advances that have been achieved worldwide for a common good from our discipline, for development and exploration of projects coming from research and academia that will give a solid foundation to our community. Our commitment is the development and use of these technologies for a common good. The goal is to continue the investigation of how information content translates to a physical representation.

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Rodrigo Langarica
Fab Lab Director
+52 (55) 5627 0210
Iván Hernández
Fab Lab Adviser
+52 (55) 56270210 Ext. 8326
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José Florencio Marín Rodríguez
FabLab Adviser
+52 (55) 56270210 Ext. 8133
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Gonzalo Pérez Ramírez
Fab Lab Coordinator
+52 (55) 56270210 ext 8553

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