Wanger family FabLab at MadaTech (Fab Lab in Israel)

[Fab Lab]
Balfour 12, MadaTech Museum, Education Building, Haifa, Israel

The Wanger Fabily Fab-Lab @ Madatech science museum features 350 square meters of fab space, and is one of the largest 3D printing fab-labs in the world.

Equipment list -
25 FDM printers (11 - UP Plus2, 13 - Ultimaker2, 1 MB Replicator2)
2 - Objet Eden 250 PolyJet printers
1 - 90X60 cm laser cutter, chinese firm
2 - vinyl cutters, chinese firm SAGA and Graphtec
1 Shopbot 96X60X12 with vacuum table and other improvements such as air cooling for cutting Al.
1 Tabletop CNC mill 15X25cm (effective) capable of cutting metal (coming soon)
34 networked i7 PC workstations with class management tools
6 3D scanners (3D systems Sense)
Dedicated room for manual work, with various tools including bandsaw, drill press and more

check out new projects and announcements at our facebook group - link below
In the Fablab network, the "main fablab" in Israel is Fablab Holon (FablabIL)

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