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Shark NV360 vs. Shark NV352: How Do The Two Vacuum Cleaners Compare?

 Shark NV360 and NV352 from this brand are both super amazing upright vacuums accessible out there these days. But what is better? Let’s find out below!

Shark NV352

1. For:

  • 25-feet long power cord

  • Big dust container

  • Five-year warranty

  • Long-lasting suction ability

  • Root Cyclone Innovation

  • Anti-allergy HEPA filter

2. Against:

  • Concerns related to the model’s dust container’s durability

  • Hard to empty the dustbin

  • Overheating

Shark NV360

1. For:

  • Big dust container

  • 25 feet long electric cord

  • 2 in 1 function

  • Cyclone Innovation and HEPA filter

  • Strong Suction

  • Washable Filters

2. Against:

  • Not truly amazing on deeper pile carpet

  • Heavy at the top

  • Hard to maintain

  • Pet hair is likely to clog the system

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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 vs. Shark NV352: Who Wins?

They have been produced by SharkNinja and come with notable highlights alongside stunning performance. Indeed, even regarding how well they work, these two are pretty like each other, aside from a couple of noticeable contrasts. On the one hand, they have not been the most fantastic out there; on the other hand, they are as yet a commendable contender to several extra costly uprights today.

1. Performance

As far as the performance is concerned, the NV352 is more proficient when compared to the NV360, for the most part, in view of the model’s lifetime suction potential apart from its capacity to pick up pet dander even from exceptionally deep strands of your house’s carpets. Also, the potent suction speed of this item abstains from clogging in the device, which is among the significant concerns that you may face with the other product unit.

2. The Filtration System

The prominent favorable position that the Shark NV360k Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe professional bagless vacuum has over the NV352 is the reusable filters included, thus making it simpler to utilize. After the extreme utilization of the vacuum and all that, you can access the filtration with ease and take the place of it. In this way, appreciate the easy home upkeep again with the NV360 model.

3. The Cost

In case rather than the performance, the cost is considered as the deciding factor for what is superior, then the Shark NV360 is less expensive when compared to NV352 from this brand. While there is not a very remarkable cost contrast, the less costly tends to take the vast majority of the consideration.

4. The Capacity

As you know, the big canister limit is another factor that you will enjoy regardless of whether it is surpassed by a couple of quarts. The Shark NV352 has the canister limit of 1.1 qt; meanwhile, the  Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe Nv360 upright vacuum wins with the limit of 1.2 qt. Additionally, the Shark NV352 provides an easy canister connection and detachment, but that is not true with its competitor.

5. The Power of Suction

None of them dominates the race when it comes to the power of suction. We found certain faultless vacuuming on smooth surfaces, yet these two may be battled with handling the residue on more challenging surfaces.


Above are a few bits of knowledge into both of the items. With regard to what is more impressive, it is up to your needs and wants, after all!

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