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Mohamed Ali Abdoulkader, Electrical and Energy Engineer and young social entrepreneur. Mohamed has indeed followed several trainings within the framework of the university but also outside. Such as training at Istanbul Technical University and other types of training at the national level, including the EDC (Education Development Center) entrepreneurship program which is managed by USAID. Currently, he is also the founder and owner of a startup called DjibEnergy Services, which works in the field of energy efficiency of buildings using smart systems. The mission of DjibEnergy Services is to enable its customers to access green and sustainable energy transition by reducing their electricity bill and using renewable energy in their buildings through support and advice on their consumption while allowing them to use new technologies such as the Internet of Things. This is a young company with great potential that is still looking for funding and support to develop. Mohamed Ali is also responsible for the Fablab Creative Space, which is located at the University of Djibouti in the Faculty of Engineering. Indeed, the creative space fab lab is a small project followed by the World Bank, we also work with the fab foundation. The creative space adheres to the vision of an international learning network in the framework of sustainable development (odd). The lab encourages entrepreneurship by attracting personal and collective projects by offering participants the right conditions to develop their ideas in an invigorating and collaborative environment. In addition, the concept brings together the strengths of several fields such as development, innovation, digital fabrication, and mentoring.

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