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It’s a widespread notion that escort service and prostitution are similar. But, in reality, they
differ quite a lot. So, before you hire any high class escort, you should know the basic
difference between the two. It will help you to get the escort service properly.
Escort Service is All about Companionship; Not Sex in Exchange of Money
When you are hiring an escort, you should know that you are paying for her time and
companionship. Whether sex will be involved in the service will depend on the terms of the
service set by the client and the escort.
However, when you are hiring a prostitute, you are going to pay to have sex. It’s not about
time or companionship; it’s all about having sex and then, paying the prostitute. So, there is
a basic difference between an escort service and a prostitute’s service.
Hiring an Escort and a Prostitute is a Very Different Process
To hire escorts, you can either go to an escort agency or you can visit professional websites
of independent escorts. Now, in many escort agencies or even for independent escorts, you
need to pay them upfront and then, book their service.
But, when it comes to hiring a prostitute, you can pick her up from the streets. Also, you can
look to bargain for the hourly rates of the prostitute. This is something that you cannot do
with an independent escort or even escort agency.

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