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Hasan Khodabakhsh is an Urban Planner, He holds a Master degree in Urban and Regional planning that has done several Projects in the fields like: Urban and rural Sociology, Urban-Rural and Regional Development Planning and Organizing Inefficient Tissues. Recently, he has done Extensive Activities in the field of Rural Tourism Planning and Development, that carried out in Cooperation with related Organizations. Function and Tissue Planning and Facing with its challenges have always been parts of his Upcoming Issues, that can be said that Modern Solutions beside new sight have been the key to solve them. He always Takes specific care about Parameters like Color in the city, Open Urban Spaces and Photography and Believes that Urbanization should not be considered as a mere field, but as a multifaceted multidimensional scale in Planning beyond its Designing. He is now a member of the ArchiFab Studio, and Contributes to Urban fields and Fabrication.

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