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The Latin American Network of Fab labs [FABLAT] seeks to articulate a movement of Makers, Innovators and Entrepreneurs on a regional and global scale, fostering creative and collaborative spaces where they do not exist, reinventing models with contextualization landed according to local characteristics: placing digital fabrication at a scale where, professionals, amateurs and even specialists, seeking harmony with our ancestral and contemporary culture, and above all orienting the strategies and actions of the Network to solve greater challenges through learning and collaborative work led by different groups, institutions, Organizations and people in all our countries, working in network, in a distributed and horizontal way.

FABLAT has been founded by a visionary and socially committed group of professionals, amateurs or people that who seek to positively influence in the region, to join efforts and alliances between people and / or organizations, with the main purpose of providing a technological support and networks of work P2P (peer to peer) creating from this a Collaborative Economy within a renewal and potential ecosystem of "education and emprendedurismo in the digital age for Latin America".




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FabLab Yachay
Urcuqui, Imbabura, Ecuador ec +593 23949100 ext 1852

Fab Lab Yachay - As part as the knowledge city

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