FAB ARAB - The Fab Lab Arab Network


The Fab Lab movement in the Arab world has expanded to more than 32 sites in 11 countries. There is a need to share knowledge and collaborate on certain issues in the Arab World. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a Fab Lab Arab Network with the following goals for the Arab region:

• Develop a sustainable model for all Fab Labs in the Arab World
• Improve the technologies in all Fab Labs in the Arab World
• Solve common Arab world problems and promote collaborations among Arab Fab Labs
• Add Arab cities to the Fab City Movement
• Establish regional strategic partnerships with leading private sector, governments, donors & academic institutions
• Increase the impact and access to Fab Labs in the Arab

We ask all Fab Lab directors, managers and official Fab Lab representatives from the above mentioned countries to submit the below form to participate in any future meetups for the Fab Lab Arab Network [FABARAB].




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Fab Lab Irbid
Irbid, Jordan, Jordan jo

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Super FabLab UAE
Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates ae

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FabLab Bahrain
Manama, Bahrain bh

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Fab Lab Egypt
Cairo, Cairo, Egypt eg

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FABus مبتكر
kuwait city, Kuwait kw

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Fab Lab Palestine
Nablus, Palestine, State of ps