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Ultra low temperature freezer : choose the product that suits you best

Medical research has made giant leaps in the field of healthcare, promoting a longer, healthier life, through ground-breaking discoveries and new cures. In order for scientists to be able to perform their studies, their equipment must be of the highest standards – durable, strong, reliable and capable of offering the flexibility required of such a dynamic area.

Unarguably, one of the most essential pieces of equipment in any professional bank is a ultra low temperature freezer.

It allows scientists to preserve biological samples for a longer stretch of time, thereby extending their lifetime and reducing waste of expensive resources. The ultra-low minus 80-degree freezer is, therefore, a much sought after element, a must-have in every laboratory.

With this in mind, has devised ultra-low-temperature freezer. These ultra-freezers can promise extremely low temperatures, perfect for the cause of medical research and preservation.

Temperatures can range between -45˚C and can go as low as -86˚C. It has a cascade compressor unit with an optional temperature backup emergency system which kicks in when there’s a fault in the power supply.

This ultra-low freezer was designed with ecological sustainability in mind; It is, in fact, an HFC-type Ecological refrigerant, CFC and HCFC free. This ensures that it does not harm the environment we wish so much to protect.

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  1. Ultra low temperature freezer : choose the product that suits you best
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