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Temp. & Humid. Chambers


Microprocessor PID control / Temperature calibration / Automatic tuning.
The advanced performance of low and high temperature and humidity control, achieved by adapting the humidification tank exterior to the chamber, added benefit for a long-term test.
Water recycling system reduces water consumption for longer operation.
Air-tight door closure with perfect sealed packing.
- Heat-resistant silicone packing completely blocks high heat leakage from the inner chamber.
- Two-point door latch also enhances tightness to door closure.
Energy efficiency is achieved by optimization of the insulation system.
- Even if the unit is operating at max. temperature, the surface of the unit doesn’t allow high temperatures of over 60℃.

Built-in door lock with a key.
Automatic shut off after overheat alarm.
Low and empty water level alarm.
Power supply leakage breaker.
Overcurrent protection.
Open door alarm.

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