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RCP S4 tester

The RCP tester conveniently and accurately determines the critical pressure and critical temperature for rapid crack propagation in thermoplastic pipes. supplies a heavy-duty, motor-powered tester with a separate control panel as well as suitable sample holders with endclo­sures, a support and an inner tension rod with baffles for various pipe dimen­sions.

Standard equipment model 1629:

Basic unit with sample containment cage up to 250 mm (Model no. 1629)
Selectable strike speeds: 10 - 20 m/s
Parameterisation via the electronic controller
Additional features model 1671:

Basic unit with a sample containment cage up to 500 mm (Modell-Nr. 1671)
Automatic sample feed directly from the cooling cabinet
Parameterisation via the touch display

Test kits and corresponding striker blades
Conditioning chamber for the samples
Assembly and disassembly aids for the enclosures

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  1. RCP S4 tester
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