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Notch milling mach­ine

The notch test tests the resistance of PE pipes to slow crack growth. The notch milling mach­ine produces V-shaped notches in polyolefin pipes in accordance with ISO 13479. The notched pipes are then subjected to a pressure test.

The new IPT notching mach­ine with touchscreen automates this process. The pipe sample is secured by means of a power-driven holder, the reference point automatically determined and the machining of the notch is performed at the cutting speed stipulated in the stan­dards. The length and depth are adjustable. An optional face milling cutter enables test samples with a wall thick­ness of more than 50 mm to be mach­ined in one sequence.

The integrated touch control system does not only compute the notch depth on the basis of wall thick­ness and desired remaining wall thick­ness, but records the total sum of notch length milled and displays a message when cutter replacement is required.

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