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Magnetic Stirrers(Multi Position)

Performance & Convenience

Ergonomic designed, lightweight, easy to operate, and low profile.
Best-in-the-class with broad speed range and suitable for high-speed rotation experimental environment.
Spark-less, silent and durable BLDC motor.
Wide top plate.
Non-slip strength rubber feet.
Strong magnetic coupling to ensure constant stirring.
Digital PID feedback control for every single point, separately.
User-friendly operation and time setting modes allowing various ways of multi-position stirring to meet users’ demands:
single point, multiple point, whole row, whole column, etc.
Easy-to-read VFD and intuitive control panel.
Bright and vivid LED position indicating lamps.
Non-slip see-through silicon plate mat. (optional)
Chemical-resistant #304 grade stainless steel top-plate.

Unit is safely designed to protect internal components from accidental spills.
Built-in thermal shutdown and current limit protection.

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  1. Magnetic Stirrers(Multi Position)
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