i5 CNC

M1.4 Vertical Machining Center

Work Area 650X400mm
Max Load 250KG
XYZ Axis Travel 500X400X300mm
Spindle Speed 20000r/min
i5 M1 is a high-speed samrt tapping center for Consumer Electronics industry.It is mainly used for processing the minitype mental components,such as shells,middle bezels and buttons of the consumer electronics,such as mobile phones,pads,etc.To occupy the minimum space as well as reach the acme of machining efficiency,the precision and the surface finish of products,we make the flash with the compact structure,delicate build and lightning speed.
Machine Size:2200*1750*2400mm
Accuracy of Bidirectional Axis Positioning: 0.01 mm
Repeatability of Bidirectional Axis Positioning: 0.006mm

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  1. M1.4 Vertical Machining Center
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