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Laboratory Refrigerators


Fully insulated chamber ensuring minimal chamber’s temperature fluctuation.
High thermal efficiency evaporation system, made of low corrosive materials.
Optimizing defrost systems
- Innovative auto-defrost system automatically activated- Innovation auto-defrost system automatically activated on detecting amount of frost accumulated in the evaporator for CLG-150, 300, 650.
- None defrost system needed for CLG-850, 1400 due to its dual refrigerating system.
None defrost system needed for CLG-850, 1400 due to its dual refrigerating system.

Intuitive and easy-to-operate control panel with VFD and touch-sensitive buttons.
- Easy temperature unit conversion between ℃and ℉
Clear observation of stored samples.
- Tempered glass door with built in heating wire. (for the models with glass doors only)
- Built-in bright fluorescent lighting. (except for CLG-150)
High-quality 304 grade stainless steel interior.
Efficient internal space use with height adjustable wire shelves.
Built-in 50mm diameter cable port for external probes or wires. (except for CLG-150)
Dedicated stand with casters and stacking kit for CLG-150 for use in labs with limited space. (optional)
Three types of recorders to choose from (optional)
- Dot recorder (6 point)
- Chart recorder (6”, 24hr/7days)
- Thermal line recorder

High/low temperature protection, Over current protection.
Open door alarm and automatic fan stop interlocked with door opening for minimization of heat loss.
Keypad lock function, Built in door lock with a key.

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