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Hybridization Oven


Temperature range from ambient +5 to 65℃
Rocking motion: Tilt 8.5°.
Speed range: 5 to 50 rpm.
Microprocessor PID feedback control of the heater and the fan ensuring temperature uniformity.
Automatic temperature calibration.

Ease-of-operation provided by a bright VFD, responsive touch buttons, and a jog dial.
Memory function of programs allowing relevant parameters (such as temperature, rocking speed, time, etc.) of each program step to be stored.
- Up to 10 program allowed for memory storage.
- Up to 10 steps allowed for each program.
Built-in sliding shelf for quick and convenient insertion or removal of samples.
Sticky pad on sliding shelf for preventing accidental movement or spills of samples during operation.
Drying function for the hybridization and washed membranes or strips.
Transparent polycarbonate window providing a clear view of the chamber interior.
Compact design for efficient lab space utilization.

Audible and visual alarms are activated as:
- Preset temperature limit is reached.
- Each step of any programmed mode is terminated.
- Low humidity level is detected by the sensor.
- Door is open.
Over-temperature protection, Over-current protection.

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