R. de Pedro Hispano 407, Porto, 4100-394, Portugal
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VIVALab is a Creative Hub dedicated to Education, Design and Innovation.
Here we ally our pedagogical experience with the technological tools of the 21st century and the Maker culture.
Using the Maker and Fab Lab Movement as a bases we propose a innovative approach to the process of problem solving. One which is more interactive, dynamic and flexible, and as such a process that is more adequate to the challenges of nowadays.

We incentivise the creative potential of each individual, as we understand this will create a greater and positive impact to the city and country.
We believe on the importance of technological qualification, on project based learning, resolution of local problems and also on the support of developing projects and technological investigation.
All the projects, from kids to adults, are supported by the Design Thinking methodology as a tool to help during the creative process and as a way to help each user to create a working method and change trains of thought.

Because of this junction between technological tools, Design, Innovation, responsible consumption and active learning a new mindset is born that give a more efficient response to the future of cities, through the support and incentive to a more circular economy and also by the local impact that the involved citizens will create.

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printing
  • CNC-Milling
  • Circuit production
  • Precision milling
João Leão
Co-Founder and FabLab Manager
Tauan Bernardo
Co-founder / Director
Alexandra Baltazar
Co- Founder, Maker Educator
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