N53 residence yasmina Avenue Hassane II, Témara, Skhirate-Témara, 12040, Morocco
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The STEM LAB is sponsored by the Flexius education center which promote STEAM education that use Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics to prepare children for the futur
Schools need to train our children with all the competencies they need to be autonomous, critical and happy citizens to tackle the challenges of their time. We believe that with the addition of Arts to STEM curricula, we can engage people to learn, be curious about and creative with science and technology.
Together with the board of the Flexius Center, and a lot of believers we started up FabLab called "STEMLAB" in 2018. It is an independent non-profit organisation run by volunteers. 3 days a week it is used by the high school and embedded into the STEAM curriculum. Each Wednesday afternoon and -evening it is open and free for everybody. On Friday we organise workshops for pupils from all the primary schools in the neighbourhood and also teambuilding activities for businesses and organisations.

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  • 3D printing
Mohammed jaloun
LAB Manager
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