Grand-Yoff , Lot 1 plle23 Missirah Grand-Yoff, Dakar, Dakar, 37003, Senegal
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Grand yoff (suburb of Dakar) with a considerable lack of socio-educational infrastructure, is one of the most populated areas of Dakar''' The working class district is considered a lost place.
that is, a space in which the capacity for creative production is denied. This place where we have the
The pressure that creativity is dead because of precariousness is a place of potential development and expansion of human creativity.
unemployed young people
people with disabilities live in very difficult conditions.
Women are the most vulnerable segment of the population.
Based on this observation, a project is being developed to overcome these obstacles to development. His name is:

Lab Capabilities
  • Impression 3D
  • Découpe/Gravure Laser
  • Découpe Vinyle
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Mouhamadou Ngom
Fab manager
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