20 Oba Adesida Road, 20 Oba Adesida Road, Iyaganku Quarters, Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo, N/A, Nigeria
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Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Nigeria (RAIN) is a world-class technology hub and research centre with head office in the vibrant and culturally-diverse city of Ibadan. We build intelligent machines, train, and certify youth on ultra-modern courses in automation, robotics, 3D printing, CNC machining, artificial intelligence (AI), data science, and machine learning. Equipped with a fully-functional robotics laboratory, unlimited internet access, and a peculiarly-conducive environment, we are primed to export next-generation solutions to the world. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver right quality products on the job and provide excellent mentorship and consultancy services in all things automation, AI, and robotics.

Vision Statement:

To be the foremost AI Robotics enablers from Africa, leading global transformation.

Mission Statement:

To develop the skilled workforce and products required to create a 5 G Africa.

Core Values:

Safety and Security
Integrity and Ethics


To support academic research and research collaborations in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence.
To provide in-class training in robotics and artificial intelligence courses.
To provide robotics and artificial intelligence related consultancy and mentorship across all sectors.
To produce embedded system solutions, automated systems, internet of things and robot based systems for global sale.
To enhance skilled workforce by providing routine training for staff and management of private and public institutions.
To promote exportation of Made-in-Nigeria robotic and artificial intelligence solutions to countries all around the world.
To provide, support, encourage and facilitate robotics and artificial intelligence solutions which:
Enhance national security and promotes peace and order.
Enhance easy access to health delivery and emergency supplies.
Enhance agriculture and farming activities.
Enhance crime fighting, law enforcement and supports the delivery of justice.
Optimise the distribution of social amenities and infrastructure amongst citizens.
Enhance public education in ICT, and promotes start-ups.
Promote family life and relief home stress.

RAIN takes pride in training graduates (and highly motivated school leavers) on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, providing support and mentorship for researchers as well as designing and building automated systems for clients. We are confident in our ability to deliver positive and quality results.

The future is automated, and every job is at risk. The ICT world has recorded an unprecedented growth rate over the past 15 years. Today:

Computers have now become cheaper, faster and more compact.
Knowledge sharing amongst ICT communities has now become fashionable.
High volume of real-life data is now more readily available from all facets of human activities.

The above development has led to a shift of industrial focus, on the use of automated systems, particularly robotics and artificial intelligence, to enhance human and business activities. This has seen the rising influence and intervention of AI Robotics in the areas of finance, medicine, security and defence, agriculture, social media and marketing.

There is however a deficit of experts in this field. This is because traditional university undergraduate curricula have not been widely reviewed to catch up with the recent growth. Limiting this knowledge to specific postgraduate courses cannot significantly enhance the workforce. For this reason, special interventions are now in high demand.

The government of many countries are beginning to take this deficit seriously and are encouraging intervention programmes. Unfortunately, the quality of the available interventions has been low, with less practical work, and lack of in-depth theoretical exposure. Such six weeks courses or live webinars cannot do enough to support the workforce with the required skills in demand.

In Nigeria, the challenge is further worsened by inadequate social infrastructure such as power and security. By implication, there is a high cost attached to internet data, insufficient internet coverage, and inadequate broadband speed. These factors mitigate attempts at developing the AI Robotics awareness of interested Nigerians.

Today, the world looks to China for cheaper labour to develop machines and electronics. However, data/information management cannot be delegated to Chinese companies due to the existing language barrier. Yet, the development in AI Robotics implies that an increasing volume of data/information management is being required in the world today. Due to the advantage of a teeming workforce in Nigeria and other African countries where English is the lingua franca, there is no doubt that Nigeria is among countries that can and will replace China in the required low cost workforce scheme in AI Robotics services and supplies.

This is the 5 G Africa RAIN is determined to deliver.

In a bid to solve the aforementioned problems, RAIN offers the following as intervention:

A Training Unit: RAIN provides intensive courses designed to be highly hands-on oriented for university and polytechnic graduates, as well as some selected highly motivated secondary school leavers. These training will be in the area of Robot development and automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (see course brochure for more details), critical skills in Embedded Systems, Electronics, Electrical and Mechatronics Engineering. The training would be intensive and would last for 9 months; 6 months of teaching and practicals and 3 months for project, leading to certification (read about student life).
A Production Unit: this is a well equipped product development workshop available for resource sharing amongst start-ups in the area of robotics and AI systems as well as automated and embedded systems development for commercial purposes.
Research Hub / Shared Research Facilities: RAIN also opens up its well equipped workshop/laboratory for academic and industrial researchers to use, share and develop practical experience in AI Robotics. Researchers are also able to collaborate with other researchers and have access to RAIN's research facilities including library, unlimited broadband internet, uninterrupted power supply, and technical support staff. The centre also offers research guidance and mentorship where needed. (find out how to benefit from this)
Mentorship / Internships: Students in higher institutions, as well as fresh graduates preparing for their national youth service programme can undergo a 6 months (or more) internship programme. This programme does not grant access into classroom certification courses, but provides hands-on experience in the technical workshop unit of RAIN. (find out how to apply)
Secondary School Age Tech Exposure: With a 10-weeks in-session or during-vacation intervention program for under 17 yrs old, R-A-I-N offers a "catch them young" intervention program for secondary schools in Nigeria. Our experts ensure early exposure to programming, two- and three-dimensional design and automation

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printing
  • CNC-Milling
  • Laser
  • Precision milling
  • Vinyl cutting
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