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PreLab Workshop
Tzortz 11, Athina, Attica, 106 82, Greece
0030 2111 117214 prelaber@gmail.com
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PreLab Creative Space was first realised in September of 2010, as a means of assisting architects and architecture students to realize designs and ideas. After it moved to its new location it gained a new vision.

PreLab Workshop was created as a means to open up to a broader part of society.
Staring with a laser cutter and a 3d printer we steadily grew.

Our partners include artists, researchers, architects, engineers, developers, social scientists and more.
Making use of our interdisciplinary studies and experience we function as a node between art, research, production and society.

We try to be more than just a toolset for every creator, but an actual contributor to their work and the means for them to expand.

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printing
  • CNC-Milling
  • Laser
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Stavros Mylonas
Lab Founder and Manager - Operations
Michail Magkos
Head of Operations - Research
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Manolis Papadopoulos
Machine Operator
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Ioannis Kyprianos Fragiadakis
3d printing expert
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