Orange mécanique
671, boul. Frontenac Ouest, Thetford mines, Québec, G6G 1N1, Canada
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Our fablab is a numeric workshop for everyone who wants to design and make a projet. This commun place is in the spirit of sharing skills, information and helping others. People will have access to a 3d printer and 3d scanner, computer, cad/cam softwares. Access to this place is free but people will need to buy their consummable (polymer, tools). Our fablab is located in a college and will be supervised by teachers and students from the mechanical department. With our fablab, we mainly want to reach students and encourage them to conceive projects together and give them a hub to develop their creativity, interestest in sciences and skills for teamwork.

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printing
Sarah Thibault
Lab. manager
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