Fab Lab Mahtomedi

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8000 75th St. N, Mahtomedi , Minnesota, 55115, United States of America

Students in Mahtomedi begin learning about engineering at the elementary level which is carried through the Middle School, into the High School, and beyond.

Elementary Level - Students (K-5) learn to think critically and solve problems like engineers using the Engineering is Elementary (EiE) Curriculum .

Middle School Level - Students learn to apply what they learned in the elementary level by beginning to learn the technical skills of designing and creating things in the fab lab. Here they use laser cutters, 3D printers, and traditional "shop" tools.

High School Level - Students have the ability to take a variety of engineering courses in the fab lab:
How to Make (almost) Anything
How to Make (almost) Anything Advanced
Fundamentals of Engineering
Biomimicry and Modeling
Engineering Capstone

Adult/Community Level - Our main fab lab (at the high school) is open for community education classes and activities throughout the school year.

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Courtney McCormick
Engineering Program Coordinator

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