Le Lieu du Faire
L'ETANG, LEMPZOURS, 24800, France
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The "Lieu du Faire" is an association established in rural areas, where technology is scarce.

The purpose of this association is...

- to create, manage and animate, a workshop offering to the public, tools including digital manufacturing.

- to promote popular education through the development of analytical and design capacities and the manufacture or modification of technological or other objects;

- to foster the dissemination and transmission of skills and knowledge;

- to offer training accessible to as many as possible on specific topics, free of charge or onerous;

- to facilitate technical, economic, social and environmental innovation and experimentation through practice;

- to encourage responsible and sustainable actions in interaction with the technical, natural, economic and social environment;

- to foster collaboration and mutual support, cross-disciplinary exchange (artistic, scientific, technical, cultural, etc.) and transgenerational;

- to promote the use and contributions to computers, hardware and open content;

- to organize or participate in any type of project, event and event related to the points previously discussed.

Our first objective is to build the material that we lack: CNC, screen printing, 3D printers than to make us know locally via press and institutions

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D-Drucken
Frédéric Palluy
Président et fabricateur
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