[Fab Lab]
Hrets'ka St, 1а, Odessa, Ukraine, 65014, Ukraine

"HUB LAB Odessa is a tech-laboratory, providing a workplace and equipment for everyone who wants to realize ideas and technological projects.

It is equally welcome here for professionals looking for a suitable place and non-professionals which solve technical problems, as well as for beginners who want to gain experience with small projects (like tech-oriented hobbies).

We try to promote the interest in the technical sector and the popularization of engineering sciences in every possible way. We hold different workshops and lectures from wood processing to bioengineering technologies. "

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Vasily Timoschuk
HUB LAB Administrator
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Artem Zhurba
Electronics Engineer
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Nikolay Sulima
3D technology evangelist
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Sergey Opanyuk
Project/Event Manager
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Peter Zhovnir
3D Modeler, CNC Operator