4, place de la Cathédrale Espace Nominoë, DOL DE BRETAGNE, 35120, France
0601785294 g-lab@pcilog.com
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Our FabLab is a total nonprofit and multi-personal initiative. From two persons in a garage in 2015 to a community of more than 50 persons , 25 active members in a 100m2 place offered by the City, since end 2017.
Opened Wednesday and Friday evening from 15:00 to 22:30 and Sunday 09:00-12:30 AM. Other days on request.
Half-day workshop each middle-month Saturday, repair café each first month Saturday, free 3-day Maker expo around the 14 of April each year since 2016.
Many connections and actions with other nonprofit organizations, not only FabLabs, but TEDx, schools, social, cultural and environmental organizations.

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printen
  • CNC frezen
  • Printplaat productie
  • Laser Snijden/Graveren
  • Precisie frezen
  • Vinyl snijplotter
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