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FabLab Vigo
Gran Via 94, Vigo, Vigo, Pontevedra, 36203 , Spain
+34 691925076 info@fablabvigo.org
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FabLab Vigo is open to both design creativity and innovation in new products internet of things space. Create a relationship with the entrepreneurial environment and boosting its market entry, by testing low cost.
Everyone is welcome especially if they bring ideas.

Lab Capabilities
  • Stampa 3D
  • Fresatura CNC
  • Produzione di circuiti
  • Incisione e taglio laser
  • Fresatura di precisione
  • Taglio vinile
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Tomás rodriguez rey
Sonda GALEGA’s Project enginer
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Agustina Jouandon
Fab Member
Diana Todorova
Erasmus Entrepreneur Programme

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