Fab Lab UFAL
Av. Lourival Melo Mota, S/N Tabuleiro do Martins, Centro de Tecnologia - Campus AC. Simões, Maceió, ALAGOAS, 57072-900, Brazil
+55 82 3214-1603 fablab.ufal@gmail.com
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Fab Lab UFAL is the academic fab lab of the Center of Technology (CTEC) of the Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL). It focuses on digital design, engineering and civil construction innovation. It is located in the State of Alagoas, in its capital, the City of Maceió, at UFAL Campus A.C. Simões. The current space occupy a room in the building of the Structures and Materials Laboratory (LEMA). It uses the support structure of LEMA, such as classroom and kitchen. This room is a provisional space, while the new Fab Lab UFAL room is under construction. The new space is a 120.00 m² room in the Environmental Technology Center (NTA) Laboratory building, also at CTEC. The opening forecast is estimatet to the second half of 2020. In this space, we´ll be able to make real scale structures and develop two main researches: 3D concrete printing and temporary pavilions. The current team is formed by one general coodinator, one fab manager, three partner teachers/ reseachers and four fab gurus engineering students. We work in partnerships with laboratorys and associations, such as the Scientific Computation and Visualisation Laboratory (LCCV), The Robotic Student Chapter (IEEEU/UFAL) and the Extension Program for Students in Social Vulnerability (PAESPE). The Fab Lab UFAL is the first of Alagoas State of Brazil, and our goal is to continue generating social impact for the Community.

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printing
  • Circuit production
  • Laser
  • Precision milling
General Coordinator
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