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Ledras 68, Nicosia, Cyprus, 1010, Cyprus
+22895156 vessiari@ucy.ac.cy
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Τhe UCY Fab Lab has as one of its main goals the transfer and dissemination of scientifically shared knowledge and technically sound solutions under the guidance of specialized academic and technical staff in the broader global community. This is achieved through the provision of specialized knowledge and skills for the conception and development of ideas, the design and modeling as well as the production of physical prototypes as well as the implementation and control of specific processes with priority being the logic of mass customization and the democratization of the manufacturing process. Specifically, academics with specialized experience and knowledge in computational design and digital fabrication are acting as mentors and can advise, guide and assist anyone who has an idea and he/she wishes to implement it using Lab tools. Within this framework, the Lab provides special courses, workshops and individual tutorials that focus on design development and production. In the same vein, the knowledge and experience of Lab technicians in the use of machines (CNC routers, laser cutters, 3D printers, etc.) assist and effectively contribute towards implementation of each proposed idea and methodology in order to achieve its goals and objectives.
In addition to the knowledge and advices by the people who make up the Lab, the contribution of the tools and mechanisms provided to achieve each goal is equally important. Thus, in addition to the knowledge that is transmitted through the laboratory staff, existing Lab machines or those planned to be acquired in the future can be used for a large number of prototype production processes at different scales. Existing machines such as the laser cutter (TROTEC Professional), the CNC router (custom made), the CNC foam cutter (Hot Wire Systems), the 3D printers (2XUltimaker 2, Felix 3L and Makerbot), the vinyl cutter (Vinyl), the industrial robot (ABB 2600) and the electronics for prototyping circuits and programming microcontrollers (National Instruments and Arduino), as well as the future planned purchases of 3D printers and high precision milling machines can provide enhanced production and processing capabilities. Also, tools and mechanisms as well as workplaces such as those related to material processing and in particular wood works, metal and aluminum works, concrete, clay and gypsum works, are complementary to the process of developing and exploring prototypes and methodologies.
These two pillars of expertise, both of the specialized staff and of the tools and machines of the UCY Fab Lab, are instrumental in achieving the goals of the workshop that are not only knowledge-transferring and expertise but also the provision of tools and processes to the production and development of ideas that benefit the broader local and global community. Extroversion and networking with other laboratories are among the priorities of the Lab, which have been started and will continue to be implemented though various visits to similar laboratories and companies of specialized engineers abroad to gain further knowledge, expertise and exchange of ideas as well as know-how, but also for training and implementation of products. In the above ways, the UCY Fab Lab hopes to contribute decisively in achieving its goals as a Fab Lab open to the broader global community.

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printing
  • Circuit production
  • Laser
  • Vinyl cutting
Odysseas Kontovourkis
Lab Academic Director
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