Rua do Lago 876, Laboratório de Modelos e Ensaios - LAME FAU USP, São Paulo, São Paulo, 05508-080, Brazil
(11) 3091-1977 fablab.usp@gmail.com
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The FAB LAB SP origin date back to 2009, from the postgraduate discipline called "Contemporary Design and Architecture" in the School of Architecture and Urbanism at University of São Paulo (FAUUSP). FAB LAB SP opened in 2011 as the first laboratory in Brazil to take part into this global network.
After the introduction of digital manufacturing processes using CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines, FAUUSP quickly absorbed those technologies in its Laboratory of Modeling and Testing (LAME), not only as simple products, but especially as applied knowledge tools.
The FAB LAB SP is itself a didactic space for experimenting and researching within the FAU and the São Paulo University (USP) which is opened to other schools of USP and even to the community, through the extension activities promoted in the digital fabrication laboratory.

Lab Capabilities
  • Impresión 3D
  • Fresado CNC
  • Corte y grabado laser
  • Fresado de precisión
  • Cortadora de vinilo
Eduardo Lopes
Robotic Fabrication Reasearcher
Fernanda Tottero
Design Student
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