Fab Lab Puebla
Blvd. del Niño Poblano 2901, Puebla, Puebla, 72197, Mexico
+52 (222) 372 3000 ext. 12910 aristarco.cortes@iberopuebla.mx
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Fab lab Puebla is located within the 91 500+ sq ft of the Institute for Design and Technology located at Iberoamericana University at the Mexican city of Puebla.

Like other FabLabs, we aim to provide a place for meeting and sharing knowledge about digital manufacturing technologies, while providing workspace and tools. We are open to all, to experiment, learn, build and share.
In the lab, you will find edge technology like our brand new Water Jet cutting machine or the 3D laser scanner, to bring to life your prototypes.

The city of Puebla is a top Automaker, with VW plant and an Audi plant under construction as well as many auto part makers so in our lab you will find many equipment thought-out for this industries. In addition, we are important furniture, food and textile manufacturers, and you will find that the center’s equipment reflects this condition.

At the Institute, we are working in projects to develop technology in the auto, visualization, 3D printing and digital animation industries.

We are eager to work with you in your next project

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printing
  • CNC-Milling
  • Laser
  • Precision milling
  • Vinyl cutting
Aristarco Cortes
Director IDIT ( Institute of Design and Innovation Technolgy)
Luis Camacho
Lab consultant
José Alberto Blanco
Academic Fab Lab Manager
Huber Girón
Fab Academy Instructor
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