Fab Lab Newton

[Fab Lab]
R. José Cláudio Rezende, 420, Centro Universitário Newton Paiva - Campus Buritis 1, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, 30494230, Brazil
55 31 3508 5838

This lab is an academic Fab Lab, inside of Centro Universitário Newton Paiva. We are part of a bigger institutional project called SmartCampus in which we are articulating and making available all equipments and infrastructure for the internal and external community create projects that solves real urban problems. Because of this FabLab, all students, partners and external community can create many more projects in a faster and more collaborative way. We also has a discipline that all our 15k students enrol which is called "Applied Projects” and now we are promoting the use of the FabLab for all those students to create any kind of prototype they want. Besides the disciplines we are constantly providing workshops and courses for the internal and external community to participate. Mon-Fri is open from 8h00 until 22h00. On Wednesdays it is open for the general public.

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Marley Rosa Luciano
Eletronic and Automation Mentor
+55 31 35085838
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Natália Romagna
3D Mentor

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