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Fablab Dronten

[Fab Lab]
De Morinel 55, Dronten, 8251 HT, Netherlands

Fablab Dronten is a central Lab which supports a group of Library based labs also called Bibliolabs. At these Bibliolabs instructions and information is given to people of all ages and workshops and activities are organised on a regular base. Fablab Dronten serves as a place for more practical workshops, like building 3D printers, and as a place to educate volunteers, teachers and generally interested parties, as well as development for both educational and business purposes.

Fablab Dronten is manned by a group of volunteers of various ages and backgrounds creating a balanced group and broad scope of specialisations and knowledge. Part of this group is a range of people who, due to various reasons, are without jobs and volunteer as a way to reintegrate with society and the labour market.

Fablab Dronten owns a broad range or different machines: various 3D printers, a laser engraver/cutter, CNC Router, and a range of tools for handwork. These are used on a daily basis to create various things both useful and more artistic items.

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Johan Vrielink
Founder and Treasurer

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