Fablab Danang
Danang, 550000, Viet Nam
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A creative and co-operative maker space

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printing
  • CNC-Milling
  • Circuit production
  • Laser
  • Precision milling
  • Vinyl cutting
Lam Tran Thanh
Marketing Ambassador
Grace Marr
Former Fab Lab English Instructor
Sunjay Kohli
Former Marketing Assistant
Hoi Nguyen Ba
Thu Thi Anh Nguyen
Senior Vice President
Vuong Ho
Finance manager
Vanessa Nguyen
Executive Director for Global Strategy and Investment
Sam Duong Chau
Making projects
Phong Pham
Guru engineering maker
Thuong Ho Nhu
Guru humanity and maker
Nhon Hoang
Guru accounting and maker
Hong Hoang
Guru engineering and business
Thanh Dang
Former Admin manager
Phuoc Nguyen
Safety and labs supervisor
Chloe Alexander
Former English Instructor
Grace Bogert
Former Fablab Instructor and Maker
James Bogert
Former Fablab Instructor
Olga Kuznetsova
Part-time English Instructor
Minh Nguyen
Former Fablab Volunteer Engineer
Linh Truong
Guru Engineering and Maker
Thao Nguyen
Guru and Marketing Manager
Son Lai
Guru Engineering and Maker
Nga Nguyen
R&D Guru | Currinovation Manager
Ngo Triet
Fablab Volunteer Engineer
Hoc Phan
Vice President
Delia Bester
Part-time English Instructor
Hien Truong
Guru Entrepreneurship
Dung Pham
Guru Engineering and Maker
Katrin Mang
Guru Engineering and Maker
Katrin Mang
Guru Engineering and Maker
Lea Mellet
Guru / GoGoHab
Long Nguyen Hoang
Gofab + VPICS Guru and Lead
Kha Nguyễn
GOFAB Curriculum Lead Creator | STEM Teacher
Marie Ghyselinck
Programs and Grants Manager
Lyn Phang
International Partnership Manager
Zenda Nguyen
Matt Adamski
Innovation Teacher
Mary Tran
Valentin Rolhion
Projection/GGH Lead
My Tran
Chief Designer
Anastasia O'Harrow
Initiatives Manager
Nhi Dang
Emma Boutcher
STEAM & English Teacher
Uyen Hoang
STEAM teacher and creator
Alizée LeGac
Anne Guisset
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