Fablab Aldeias do Xisto
Rua dos Três Lagares, Fundão, Portugal
+351275751365 fablabax@cm-fundao.pt
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Fablab Aldeias do Xisto is part of Living Lab Cova da Beira and its main goal is to support and respond to the partners needs, help them develope prototypes and create new social dynamics and innovative business models. Fablab Aldeias do Xisto is focused in atracting valuable people to its region.

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D-Drucken
  • CNC-Fräsen
  • Leiterplattenherstellung
  • Laserschneiden/-gravieren
  • Präzisionsfräsen
  • Schneideplotten
João Milheiro
IT specialist
Toni Barreiros
João Milheiro
Fab Lab Manager
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