El Comendador, 1916, Providencia, Region Metropolitana, 7520245, Chile
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The Fabhaus Lab is a space were student of Design, architecture, Engineerining among others can work together in a colaborative way. We follow the principles and motivation of Fablabs in terms of an open, accesible space were people can make their own proyects and Students can learn by a hands-on methodology the basics about the usage of these digital tools. Users usually cut architectural and design models by laser, 3D printing and CNC machining. There is also a space for electronics and vaccum forming.

We embrace the maker movement, we love open source and we encourage our users into DIY !

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printing
  • CNC-Milling
  • Circuit production
  • Laser
  • Precision milling
Cristian Rosenthal
Lab Manager
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