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al. castanheiras, 250, Santana de parnaiba, Sao Paulo, 06543-510, Brazil
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Escola Castanheiras is a school focused on its time. This means being sensitive to the emergence of new demands that trigger knowledge and professions with different contours. Thus, without denying the excellent contributions of an educational legacy, we advance in the present without losing sight of the challenges envisioned for the future.

From Elementary I to High School, students experience the possibility of relating theory and practice, planning and execution, accumulation of knowledge and human formation through a humanist curriculum organized by a team of teachers in constant training. (Continuous training OU continuos learning). It is this combination that has made Castanheiras one of the main references in Brazil and Latin America when it comes to contemporary education.

The FabLab Escola Castanheiras offers open experiencies for the community where they can explore the tools and machines connecting with the maker culture, special slots for personal projects are available On Fridays. In case you are interested in scheduling please send an email with your personal information and details about your project. We look forward to meeting you! Come and learn with us!

Open-Day - Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 pm to 5 pm, except holidays or other exceptions in the school calendar (see school calendar at https://escolacastanheiras.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/CALENDARIO-ESCOLAR.pdf). FabLab Castanheiras will be open to the community, offering space for project development, courses, lectures and discussions about the maker community. It is necessary to schedule the visit using the form available on FabLab and approval of the project by the FabLab team.
Scheduling is limited to one hour per person.

The Castanheiras FabLab team can, if necessary, close the FabLab for special occasions (external events, maintenance, cleaning, internal training, among others).

In Open-Days, the materials to be used must be brought by those interested in using the space

To request a time on the open day, fill in the form on the link and wait for approval and confirmation from our team:

Lab Capabilities
  • Impression 3D
  • Production de C.I.
  • Découpe/Gravure Laser
  • Fraiseuse de précision
  • Découpe Vinyle
Rafael Papis
EdTech educator
Daniel Menezes
Analista Educacional
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