Fab Lab Bogotá
Bogota, Cll 63 No. 3 09, Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia
(57+1) 2550355
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We are firm believers in the power of collective action and empowering communities and individuals to positively affect their environment, economy and society in general. This is why we are so passionate about FabLab, and enabling this concept in Bogota, Colombia. We are developing a different approach to learning, specially design education, where hands on skills and crafts are what we consider the best vehicles to promote and incentivize learning. Attuned to the global context, we believe being able to set up and operate a FabLab in Bogota, Colombia would be a great contribution to solving global issues, locally. We know that a multidisciplinary approach is not enough, we need to create interdisciplinary interactions, this is why FabLab is open to anyone that wishes to develop projects and contribute to ideas and concepts. It will be an open space, where people from any discipline, makers are welcome to participate hands on experiments and project development.

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  • Impression 3D
Nicolas Lizarralde
Lab Manager
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