Um Al-Hassam, Um Al-Hassam, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, Bahrain
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MYSIC is a home for youth who are passionate about innovation, invention and design. It serves as a community for startups, hobbyists, students, researchers, architects, designers, artists and engineers where they can gather and share knowledge to accomplish their goals in reshaping the Kingdom of Bahrain through new technologies such as digital fabrication that includes: CNC Milling Machining, Laser Cutting, 3D Printing, and vinyl cutting. MYSIC offers technical support, guidance and assistance to youth which enables them to develop their ideas into actual fabricated products. MYSIC aims to create generations of creators rather than consumers to achieve the goal of being a sustainable community in the future.
What is Fablab?
1. Physical Aspect:
It’s a space located in the Youth Innovation Center, Um Al-Hassam in the Kingdom of Bahrain which is used as a fabrication lab for youth. It is equipped with digital fabrication machinery such as Electronics lab, 3D printers, CNC Milling machine, vinyl cutters, CAD software, accessible computer with driven tools, advanced software, graphical drawing tablets and hand tools. Through this, we aim to provide a platform that empowers youth to dream, design and create products by using open source software and DIY equipment.
2. Functional Aspect:
At MYSIC Fablab, we take youth on a journey of experiential learning through which they are continuously inspired and provided with guidance through networking, learning spaces etc. whenever needed while going through the following phases:
1. Ideation, questioning and concept building.
2. Modelling and digital designing.
3. Physical prototyping.
4. Testing and improvement.
5. End product to be shared locally and internationally.

3. Cultural Aspect:
By enabling young people in Bahrain to shift from a consumer to a creator culture that matches the global development in the digital fabrication sector, we ensure that we are aligned with the vision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs; Youths with a Bahraini Identity and Global Contribution".

3.1.Our values:

-Diversity: We welcome people from different backgrounds and disciplines to utilize this space to learn, develop and create through learning and sharing.
-Meaningful Participation: To ensure that the utilization of young people of this space is always efficient and effective with productive outcomes.
-Excellence: We seek to continuously improve our services and processes, thereby striving for excellence in everything we do and through this we ensure that young people are constantly learning and improving their practices as well.
MYSIC Fablab opens its doors to the public and welcomes dreamers & aspiring inventors to be part of its community.

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printing
  • CNC-Milling
  • Circuit production
  • Laser
  • Precision milling
  • Vinyl cutting
Zainab Abdulrahman
Youth Activities Specialist (Supervisor)
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