FabLab RUC
Universitetsvej 1, Building 9 & 37, Roskilde, 4000, Denmark
+45 4674 2055 fablab@ruc.dk
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FabLab RUC is an open fablab, rapid prototyping laboratory and digital production workshops, run by HUMTEKs technology gurus in building 9 & 37. We are open for all, you do not have to be a student or researcher at RUC. We handle materials ranging from wood, plastics, metal, cloth, electronics, programming and computer controlled manufacturing. We pride ourselves on being able to build a prototype of any technological system.
We are open weekdays 10-16, except tuesdays when we are open 12-21. Regular, trusted users can have a keycard for 24/7 access to the electronics & 3D printing lab. Lasers, CNC machines etc. can however only be used within opening hours.


  • Laser cutters (3) Bodor, 1200x900mm working area

  • Metal laser cutter (1) Bodor i5, 1300x900mm working area, fibre laser, up to 20mm steel/12mm stainless/5mm alu (first Fablab in world to have a laser cutter that can cut thick steel as far as we know)

  • 3D printers (14), including UP MINI, UP BOX, PP3DP, Formlabs Form 1+, Printrbot Simple Metal, Makerbot 2X, Lulzbot TAZ, own builds

  • Large format CNC mills (2) CNC-Step RaptorX-SL1200/S20, 1200 x 2010mm working area, own build, 2000x3000mm working area

  • Medium format CNC mills (2) CNC-Step High-Z S-1000, 1000x600mm working area

  • CNC mill for precise manufacturing in hard materials, with 8 tool toolchanger EMCO Concept Mill 105

  • CNC lathe

  • Electronics workshop, including production of printed circuit boards

  • Sewing workshop

  • Wood workshop

  • Metal workshop

  • Lathe

  • TIG welder

  • MIG/MAG welder

  • Plasma cutter

  • Spot welder

  • Robots (5), own builds

  • Large scale (6x6x6m) 3D printer

  • Mobile Fablab in 20" shipping container

  • Virtual Reality, Augumented Reality, tracking, drones, underwater ROV etc.

  • Biofablab

  • Electron microscope (first Fablab in world to have an electron microscope as far as we know)

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printing
  • CNC-Milling
  • Circuit production
  • Laser
  • Precision milling
  • Vinyl cutting
Nicolas Padfield
Lab leader
Schack Lindemann
Technology Guru / Consultant
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